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Magic is magic assistance services.

Before the advent of Anum Center we mainly engaged in educational activities and counseling. There was no need to expand the scope of our activities.

Assisting magicia

Everything changed when people began to demand that our magic came to their aid. In the beginning we do not provide this range of services. But then we began to provide services free of charge magician.

Soon the magic of Jerusalem has become quite popular as a tool to assist the magician. And we can no longer satisfy all the requests for a free diagnosis. So we had to move to a model with full payment of aid psychics, providing free assistance only in extreme cases.

Magic aid has not donated. We realized this too late. There are a number of payment methods, an expression of gratitude, not associated with money. But the people were ungrateful.

Especially inherently assisting the magician can not be free. Magic Nephilim - the most powerful magic. Therefore, we decided not to waste their wasted resources.

Currently we provide services in the following areas:
  • Diagnostics
  • love Magic
  • Black magic
Help Jerusalem Magi highest quality, in demand and popular.

Of free and paid services magician is 20:80%. Therefore, we help ordering magician for free, consider what chances you have.

In helping the magician, we are guided by the highest standards and requirements, as written in the pages of "Philosophy", "License", "Offer."

We recommend that you use our Magic Center to meet your needs.

Кирилл Рерих Published by Кирилл Рерих

Active member of the Order of the Jerusalem Mages, Spiritual Person.


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