Magical diagnostics and services


We can promise our patients excellence magicians, speed and accuracy in the results of magical diagnostic and specialized services a comfortable stay in the magical center and the high level of service.

Before you start correcting the problems of magic, you need to make an accurate diagnosis, to determine the type and subtype of damage to power and to myself that the reason why the problem occurred. In addition magician should investigate and eliminate all other possible causes of the symptoms of these magical problems. Diagnosis of energy damage must be accurate and the maximum RAM, because it affects the subsequent course correction in the energy and damage the patient's chances of recovery.

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Magical diagnostics and services

Anuma Center has all the necessary diagnostic capabilities for accurate and detailed diagnosis and urgent problems of magic. Thanks to the coordinated actions of magicians in five days we receive information about the type of energy-damage observed in the patient and depending on him to start immediate corrective action.

Magical diagnostic concept

The diagnosis (Greek διάγνωσις -. Recognition) - The conclusion about the nature of the disease and the patient's condition, expressed in terms of magic and adopted on the basis of a comprehensive systematic study of the patient. The process of diagnosis is called the diagnosis.

Dining diagnosis: a preliminary (free), final clinical. A definitive diagnosis can be direct (clearly obvious disease), differential (mage determines the range of possible diseases and appoints the study, and then decides which of the disease in question and which confirmed the excluded) and diagnostics.

 In the diagnosis of isolated:
1. Is there any damage associated with energy
2. The presence of complications
3. The main symptoms of the disease and
4. The combination of diseases

The main types of magic diagnostics

The main types of magic diagnosis that requires each patient to energy damage or suspected damage to energy is:

Self-diagnosis magic.

In some sections of our site, present a magical self-diagnosis methods. They are inaccurate and have disadvantages at the same time, however popular and can of course be said that they are in practice.

Why do customers think that they should be free to diagnose? And if they are deprived of free diagnostics, they are extremely dissatisfied with the refusal.

This work is dangerous for the specialist, and therefore can not be free. The Free diagnosis more minuses than pluses. The diagnosis must be paid.

Why? For the diagnosis to treat people with serious problems - magical attacks or the fate of collapse. If a person has no problems, it does not come to mind to see a specialist for diagnosis. During the specialist diagnosis adjusted to the customer enters his energy field that receives a signal (energy) and partially (unconsciously) takes a part of the client's own problems.

Free diagnosis on the internet and in the salons offer:

Novice specialists who still do not understand the negative consequences for themselves. They simply use their abilities, not thinking about his future.
Entertainment, free diagnostics who deliberately want to attract customers and to involve them in the process. They are often not diagnosed and scare the client immediately: "Yes, there is a strong magic attack - damage spell, evil eye, an urgent need to remove." Their task - to scare the client to client bought a service that is paid for the removal of magical attacks and configure security.

Experts do not fraud, but they do not have customers, and therefore profits. Free diagnosis they want to attract more customers. And in order to get the job done, they are ready to sacrifice their free energy. And suddenly you're lucky - and the customer will order the work and pay the money.

No serious professional would not do the job effectively and at the same time free of charge, free diagnostics are only suitable for cases where the situation is obvious, but the tactics magical correcting problems is not selected. Even in such cases, the energy loss is very great magicians.

Lovers Free diagnosis of months searching for free expert to the Internet. Some experts say one thing, some another. Often free diagnosticians give completely opposite directions are confusing asylum deeper. Time goes by, and the problem is not solved. To solve such problems, and the center of the magical diagnostic services in which the composition includes a free diagnosis and that, although the surface (the diagnosis is carried out with the help of analytical methods: external analysis method, aura analysis), but close to reality as possible .

Take this opportunity to free diagnosis, customers are turning to a variety of art and collecting diagnostic results to scare and confuse reversible. Almost all of these diagnostic results are negative, where experts painted many magicians work against the client that they conduct rituals which magic - the village, the church, or voodoo - they apply. Free diagnostics specialist task - to interest the customer. And this can only be done in order to intimidate him.

As a result, after many such free diagnostic victim of magical attacks transformed into a vessel with phobias, insecurity, frustration, magical programs ... And when it comes to the energy diagnostics, paid expert in your field that is not there: and magical attacks, all sorts negative magic software professionals who betrayed their results (performed a free diagnosis and contribute to the client area, that they have seen or want to see), and fears that the client themselves often attract these magical attacks even from strangers. With these clients, it is very hard work.

That is why, when a person pays for the diagnosis and for the services it with much more respect for the work in the most professional and qualified. Free diagnosis and free professionals work undermined the respect and trust.

Sometimes, if the diagnosis has a strong professional, he takes a touch of his magic attack power, or gives a charge of vivacity and leaves the customer's problem itself. Sometimes only one such expert diagnosis quite a man came out of the vicious circle.

Energy experts - this is their spiritual authorize more money in the form of a loan from a higher power and not in the form of wages from other people. Therefore, it is desirable to return the very existence of energy, and in return they have to pay money to the material.

And the spiritual energy and materials money - it's the equivalent of labor. One has to be replaced by another, even though the money is likely still will not be able to fill the spent forces.

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