Giants or Nephilim (Hebrew נפילים -. «Fallen") - a race of powerful beings, apparently a hybrid Mezhuyev angels and men referred to in the Torah and the Old Testament.

In modern translations they simultaneously are referred to as "giants" and "Nephilim", also found the term "giants" and "Titan". The Sumerians called them Anunnaki (the Anunnaki, or Anakim).

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These have seen the Anunnaki Sumerians
The predecessors of modern humans and civilizations were supernatural beings - Nephilim race. The giant, endowed with great physical strength and magical creatures, sometimes called Anunnaki, the Titans, the Atlanteans, Rephaim (wrongly, they their descendants) and the giants are described in the canonical and apocryphal books of the Old Testament.

On the etymology of the term

It is believed that the giants were enormous growth that allowed them to build huge megalithic structures and participate in wars. The word "Nephilim" (Nephilim) in the Bible in the sense of people's tremendous growth. In Jewish legend also known as "dead", having no soul. An indirect indication of the growth of the giants is given in Deuteronomy: Og lodge (belonging to the giants) had dimensions of 4.05 to 1.80 m on the basis of this and other descriptions of the Giants they ascribe various achievements..

Most supporters paleocontacts theory called Nephilim (Anunnaki) the founders of the world civilization. They are credited with the creation of these megalithic structures like the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge and others.

In other sacred books of the Old Testament also mentions people unusually large growth, but in the original The used another ethnonym - deceased.

The most popular in the description of ancient creatures Enoch. The ancient apocryphal, discovered relatively recently, describes all aspects of their life on earth.

In the apocryphal Book of Enoch, the growth of the giants was incredibly huge - "They conceived and gave birth to the great giants, whose height was three thousand cubits."

Nephilim in Judaism

Giants, still called the giants present in the Jewish legends for a long time. They are described as a people without a soul, demons, bloodthirsty and dangerous creatures.

Jewish Magic and Judaism in their legends and writings also not avoid them, you can read about them, respectively, from the following sources: Midrash Bereshit Rabba describes giants follows "the family names they were called:
1. Nephilim (fallen) - For the world has led to a drop in ...
2. Eymim (frightening) - for fear of them overcame all.
3. Refaim (spirits or the dead) - For anyone who has seen them, soften like wax ...
4. Giborim- Rabbi Aba by the name of Rabbi Yochanan said: "The brain of the femur length was 18 cubits ..."
5. Zamzumim - great adepts in the war ...
6. Anakim (giants) - for a great variety of necklaces (Anakim) were on their necks (Anakim). (Anak Word (Giant) and Anak (neck) are homonyms).
7. avimimus - because they have devastated the world, and the world was devastated by them, and they have led to the devastation of the world ... "

Nephilim in science

Adam Tenebra in his work of 1998, "The crisis of modern anthropology: Anunnaki," says: "The emergence of these revolutionary discoveries of modern anthropology as a megantropusy Gigantopithecus and casts doubt on her entire being. Research megalithic culture suggest an even greater number of issues. That Nephilim laid the cultural and material foundation of the modern world. "

Charles Fosse in the notes about the legends of the Sumerians said: "Definitely in shaping the culture of the ancient Sumerians took place outside influence. we can understand the impact of both on the ideological aspects of their lives and the practical underneath. The existence of Anunnaki, whoever they were, certainly formed the Mesopotamian culture. ".

Nephilim in the legends of the Sumerian, Mesopotamian practicing magic that preceded Jerusalem, appear as annuaki (Anakim) and referred to as "descended from heaven", also referred to as "gods". This gives scope for building paleocontacts theory (see. Koneles V., Z. Sitchin), a review of which we will do later.

The genesis of the giants

In the non-canonical books of the Bible (Book of Enoch, Sirach, Zohar) as well as in the canonical (Genesis, Numbers) Nephilim race is defined as the giants, giants, 'sons of God. " They also believe the angels or their children. Sometimes they are identified with the Rephaim - a population of Palestine to the Jews living there, presumably descendants of the Titans.

On the origin of the giants there are no direct and unambiguous guidance in modern mythology. It talks about the "Sons of God" and the "daughters of men" to join the Union. There are several basic theories about the origin

First of all, the Nephilim - the physical embodiment of the supreme deity, or their children from people described in legends of the Sumerians and the Jerusalem magic (occult interpretation A. Tenebra).
Being born from the union of angels with mortal women. (According to the book of Genesis, the book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees. So says Philo and Josephus).

Sons of God - people, the descendants of the righteous men of Seth and daughters of men - female descendants of Cain; (So ​​thought John Chrysostom, Ephrem the Syrian, Blessed Theodoret, Cyril of Jerusalem, Jerome, Augustine, and others.).

"Sons of God" - the sons of lords, nobles, and the "daughters of men" - is the daughter of commoners, the peasants (variant interpretations of the Talmud).

Nephilim in magic

Modern Mystic and anthropologist Adam Tenebri confirms the existence of the Nephilim as follows: "The system of beliefs, ritual system Mesopotamian magic, scientific achievements of the Sumerians and later the cultural formation of Mesopotamia are, of course, off-planet, astral genesis" (you can read the work in 1998, "The crisis of modern anthropology: Anunnaki ").

The Magic of Jerusalem, the Titans are the bearers of the Divine Will, it Incarnation. Their main feature - the unlimited physical and magical power. The Titans are the first bearers of magic and the representatives of the new consciousness. They were the first who was able to master communication with the astral plane. Magee Jerusalem are mostly accounted giants - the descendants of the Nephilim.

The magic of Jerusalem therefore represented the magic of the native giants transmitted their straight parents - the supreme deity. The magic of the Sumerians is also derived from the magic of the Nephilim - it they are the gods of Sumer..

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