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Occult, black magic, witchcraft, voodoo - just what every person has resorted to trying to understand an unknown device is still world events or changes in the solution of their own problems.
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Today you have visited this site in search of answers to their questions. Many people today suffer from unresolved questions and to find answers to them do not see a way to appeal to different members of the occult world: magicians, grandmother, psychics, shamans, healers.

Today on the Internet you can find a variety of different resources on the theme of black and white magic, signs, injuries and much more.
Any newly minted psychics and magicians, trying to attract attention, it is tempting advertising, or free love spell love spell "posleplatoy", which, as we know, does not exist, because you always need money to "the so-called" materials and articles for the signs, allegedly dissatisfied professional magician does not have any material to work with, and need a variety of alleged candles and incense. Just do not need it, I like all things made themselves, as in ancient times, provided the ritual should be done with one purpose magician - magic. And if you refuse to pay "on the candle and incense," a miracle - all magicians you will deny or intimidate damage or misfortune.

There are many websites dedicated to magic, omens, damage or disable a false and twisted rituals, as far as possible, the purpose of which - just to make money.

Experts recommend contact magicians in emergencies. Jerusalem Magic is the most effective way to destroy the conspiracy of death and serious illness. Ritual magic destroys the evil influence and returns its (fully or partially) the person who was the initiator of the injury. An experienced sorcerer, through whom evil is not likely to be affected. Black magic can lead to catastrophic consequences if it is carried out independently, without the necessary knowledge and power.

On this site you will find information about my teaching, as well as a large number of Council on the practical application of this life, and, above all, these tips are free.
This site is made especially for the common man could understand that Jerusalem Magic, see examples of rituals, magic books to read, and if necessary - to order the required ritual.

My site also provides data services, and then you can specify a logical question: "Is this site does not cover more than one such moshenika"
I'm not going to convince anyone not in his power and that I am not a crook and a thief tries to steal your money.

You have to take my word for it, in the end you will be asked to choose who to believe.
Only elected to find your way ...
There are many websites dedicated to magic, omens, damage or disable a false and twisted rituals, as far as possible, the purpose of which - just to make money.
Our site is one of the world's best scientific descriptions of the ancient Semitic (Jerusalem) magic - a complex issue and is still studied extremely insufficiently.

This site is designed primarily to convey to you is not distorted information about the magic of Jerusalem. And also - it helps the magicians - practice and the ordinary people who are interested in information and advice services, and magic.

I want to warn that, although some of the techniques and technologies that will meet you on this site will seem familiar to you should not accuse me of theft of intellectual property and similar sins, so I'm trying to promote the most accurate and effective magic rituals.

Who am I?

Finally, let me introduce myself: my name is Adam, and I Tenebry Jerusalem mag.Moe initiation occurred at the age of twelve years and since then I have worked in the field of magic.
The word "Magician" comes to Greek and other European languages, ancient Iranian language of the Zoroastrians, who created the sacred book of the ancient Persian Avesta. In ancient Iran called his magicians and priests of the Medes. Greeks era Athenian polis learned this word Zoroastrians themselves, and at the end of the ancient culture of the word "magician" has lost its ethnic and confessional tone and has come to mean any priest, astrologer and magician non-Greek origin. After Greek and Latin word "magician" falls into French and German, and the German language - in Russian. Nevertheless, we can assume that all historical wanderings word, it can be a long-known in Russia, and not because of borrowing. The fact that the Indo-European languages ​​the root of Magh - «a large, tall," which in Russian "power, power, help, I can not (ie," I stand, "), in English can, may, in the German Macht, Mogen (the same value). Old Iranian word Mogu - «priest" can be derived from the same common root, and if so, what is known etymology of the word "magician": the person having the right to any action that is in a position to do something If now. remember the old Russian word "authority" (the body is), it turns out that this figure comes from the power of his body. Thus, probably, it may be the case with Indo word "mage" (median if it is not the origin, which have made the analysis).

I work in the tradition of still almost unexplored area of ​​the magical arts - Jerusalem magic.

The definition of magic

Jerusalem Magic - a combination of techniques, methods, techniques and forms of influence on the world in which the impact is not directly or indirectly (through rituals, spells, meditation, etc.) and the leading role here is the Judeo-Christian experience throughout the centuries practice.

This is the most common definition of magic, but it is most clearly underlines the essence of Jerusalem's magic. Here are some alternative definitions of magic not perechaschih basic definition.

Eliphas Levi says that the magic of "the traditional science of the secrets of nature."
Carlos Castaneda used the term "magic" to describe how the implementation of human possibilities on the nature of perception.
Papus by magic - is "the use of human will dynamise the rapid development of the forces of nature."
J.. Frazer, in his classic work action "Golden Bough" on homoeopathic magic is contagious and generally have the properties of magical thinking of primitive man.

Homeopathic magic (otherwise imitative, although Fraser believed the term unfortunate, because the assumption is deliberately mimicking agent narrows the scope of magic) the principle of similarity and likeness, "like produces like." As an example, a well-known practice of voodoo, who won the doll symbolizing the object was to cause harm the object itself.
Infectious magic comes from the idea of ​​preserving the relationship between objects, when - or are exposed to, and the opportunity to influence each other to the end. A striking example of this idea can serve as persuasion, regulating methods of destruction otstrizhennyh hair and nails (burning, burying, etc.) is present in many cultures around the world.
Fraser wrote: "Homeopathic magic is based on the communication of ideas by similarity; contagious magic is based on the communication of ideas by contiguity Error homoeopathic magic is that similar objects are perceived as their identity contagious magic commits another mistake: it comes from .. what things which were once in contact, stay in touch constantly. in practice, both types of magic, often in combination. "

I agree with the classification of the Fraser, but I want to note that Jerusalem Magic combining tradition contagious and homoeopathic magic is still some limitations described above.

Hebrew (Semitic, Jerusalem) Magic has three thousand years of history, but for some reason, until recently, remained outside the realm of serious research.

The historical formation of the magic

1. The main period
Magic - this is one of the earliest forms of primitive beliefs that only appeared at the dawn of humanity. She expressed that any member of the tribe could ask the spirits for help in hunting, totem objects of worship. Total tribe seeks to group activities associated with such ceremonies as birth, marriage, initiation, hunting funeral. Later began the general cultural development, which resulted in the priests - the shamans, priests and sorcerers. The magic of the primitive period as the most interesting and unexplored in the study presented Adam Tenebra "Magic in Jerusalem, the theory of ancient Semitic aspect of the story."

2. Antiquity
In Greece, the most actively developed medical magic, amulets were made and were even in curses and potions. Special widespread "strap curses." Absolutely all the magical practices of antiquity were most closely associated with the worship of the gods - Hermes, Hecate, Gaia, Hades and Persephone. Also popular magical practice based on magic began to develop Neoplatonism and theurgy as an integral part of becoming one of the most important components of this school of thought.

3. The Middle Ages
The magic of the Middle Ages is known primarily in the context of the Church to combat it, which resulted in the Inquisition. The most common form of magic in this era began witches rites.

4. Revival
Among the many Renaissance thinkers who are seriously interested in the occult: astrologer and utopian Tommaso Campanella, philosopher Plato Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, the mathematician and alchemist John Dee, Agrippa of Nettesheim mystic, philosopher Giordano Bruno, Plato, physician and alchemist Paracelsus. In addition, in this era we began to see the magic in a Christian manner, which resulted in the stimulation of interest in magic among theologians, scientists, and other Christian leaders in this extraordinary era.
5. XVII-XIX century
This historical period is characterized by the formation of the scientific world, bringing the magic and all the previously popular occult teachings recede into the background. What is magic at this time? These activities such adventurers as Count Saint-Germain, Mesmer and Friedrich Alessandro Cagliostro. Gradually I began to grow interest in magic in various secret societies, the most famous of which was Freemasonry.
6. The end of the XIX-early XX centuries
During this period, it may be noted the increased interest in various forms of mystical and magical traditions established over time, as well as attempts to synthesize them into a single concept.
7. The end of the twentieth century
In the West, there is a deviation from the incredibly complex magical systems to simpler.
This is something magic in terms of history - it is a long process that existed at different stages in different forms, but it has always been aimed at one thing - to understand the mysteries of the world, to understand the laws of the universe.
Magic and Religion
Attitude of magic and religion are very complex and rich. What is the magic in terms of religion?

Magic - a form of irrational faith, which is devoid of inner spiritual values ​​and any rational logic. But religion - it is personal relationships that develop between people and spiritual forces.

Magic - it is an external, mechanistic, impersonal formalism, according to which the magician wants to manipulate supernatural powers. In religion, the believer in prayer, asking for help only.

Magic - a casual relationship as a magician, and the person to whom it provides a service, forever apart. Religion also form permanent non-governmental organizations.
However, not all world religion and magic are bred in different directions, and confront each other. For example, in Soviet times, it was believed that magic - an integral part of all modern religions.

What is magic today

If we talk about the fact that magic in these days, it is - the coexistence of different trends and schools of magic. Especially popular are:
Alchemy - receive gold chemical reactions and make potions, bestowing immortality;
Voodoo - African religion, which has received great popularity at the moment, thanks to the theme of zombies and magical dolls;
Astrology - Forecasting methods, traditions and beliefs, promoting the effects of celestial bodies on human rights, and the ability to predict the future by location or movement of the heavenly bodies;
Enochian Magic - communication with angels;
Manteca - divination to determine the will of the gods, as they send the omens;
Goeth - the magical tradition of making talismans and call the demons;
Martinism - the belief that a person has several incarnations and has to perform a specific mission in the world, and then move on to another form of existence;
Spiritism - the belief in the reincarnation of the human spirit;
necromancy - the resurrection of the dead, communicating with them;
theurgy - achieving divine status;
shamanism - the interaction with the other world through a variety of ceremonies;
New Age - the mystical movement, based on the astrological age (the Age of Aquarius, Age of Pisces, and so on).

One of this list is the magic of Jerusalem has positioned itself as a synthetic discipline and maintaining the most general and complete description of the totality of ways, methods, techniques and forms of indirect impact on the world through rituals, spells, meditation. Jerusalem magic hidden long way of development and systematization iteper is a synthetic experimental magic discipline, though underdeveloped, but very promising.

Our site is one of the world's best scientific descriptions of the ancient Semitic (Jerusalem) magic - a complex issue and is still studied extremely insufficiently.

Jerusalem Magic - is a complex phenomenon that goes beyond the "black -. White" perception of reality Mystical Christianity cabbalism and spiritual traditions of Judaism is considered good and evil through the prism of relativity Eastern religions as we go on this way the Christian Old Testament is built on an ethical principle.. "an eye for an eye". This allows the person to answer the evil caused by evil. it goes without saying that most people in the world live it according to the laws of the Old Testament. The spiritual path involves the evolution of consciousness to the precepts of the New Testament. Many people go to all his life is.

Magicians, sorcerers, psychics, healers, shamans, witches, wizards, witches, magicians and sorcerers are everywhere, where they represent different teachings and traditions, but they have in common - the ability to use their latent capacity for energy management opportunities.
The energy does not come from nowhere, and are taken from the sources. I keep secret their sources and methods, and will talk about them only when necessary to clarify the details of the case or that.

This site is not a guide or tutorial guide is rather initiate your search for answers to questions about the supernatural world. This site helps people of all ages and status, different opinions and religions here you will find not only information, but also professional help.

Of course, I will introduce you some ways to solve your problems (some rituals, as you will see later presented for self-participation), and the fact that they are significantly different from the rituals conducted by me, these methods are much simpler and does not give the same effect, during my rituals.
These rituals were not known or not well are not known up to now, and many of them are a combination of old and new, but perhaps you'll find something quite familiar to you.

I use an individual approach to each and comprehensively developed its problem. If you are unable to solve the problem - because of lack of knowledge and power, to contact us. You do not get rejected.

We are happy to help you!

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